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About Us

Mortgage Funding Corporation began operations in 1978 specializing in the purchase of real estate secured owner financing nationwide.  Unlike many others, Mortgage Funding Corporation purchases loans for it’s own portfolio and, therefore, makes it’s own underwriting decisions.  This insures flexibility and creativity in designing purchases to meet your needs. 

In addition to our owner-financed purchase program, Mortgage Funding Corporation aggressively pursues the purchase of mortgage loan pools offered by banks, private holders, the FDIC, and other entities nationwide.  We purchase nationwide single family, land, commercial, multi-family, and a variety of other single loans and/or loan pools.  We specialize in the “hard to do” loans that other shun, and those that might not fit a standard pricing matrix.  We pride ourselves in our ability to close difficult purchases through creative solutions.  We welcome the opportunity to price any single real estate secured note or portfolio within the continental United States.

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